Have you seen the potential of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS or RPAS) in your business? Maybe you have been out-sourcing aerial imagery and want to take control by doing it in-house.

RPAS Australia Pty Ltd has been building drones since 2000. We know what makes them tick. The range of drones out there is ever increasing and getting a grasp of their capabilities, limitations, pro's and con's is a time consuming and potentially financial money pit for a business. At RPAS we keep abreast of all the latest technology break throughs - we love this stuff!

Buying the right drone hardware is only part of the system. At RPAS Australia we will successfully integrate the systems that will provide information outputs your business needs to maintain that competitive edge.

We save you the expensive learning curve pitfalls by:

  • Research your business UAS requirements and ROI expectations
  • Identify where drones can improve your productivity,
  • Select from the latest drone industry technology the best-fit for your operations.
  • Problem solve the site integration and operation
  • Develop the workflow to get the most out of the investment efficiently.
  • Train your staff to be enthusiastic and efficient pilots and users of the system.
  • Provide post installation support