RPAS Australia provides Local Scale Mapping & surveying to assist in Environmental Impact Assessment Statements (EIS) and Development Control Plans (DCP).

Since our UAV's fly so low (less than 120m) the resolution is significantly higher than a commercial satellite or plane. On average one screen pixel represents 3-5cm on the ground!!!

RPAS Australia can map, model & survey:

  • Quarry lease extensions,

  • Properties, even single paddocks

  • Corridors & rights of way

  • Roads and rails routes

  • Cliff and Coast line

  • Parcels in the sub 10km2 size - we also coordinate mapping of larger parcels in the 100's of square kilometres if required.

We foster building relationships with Environmental Consultants and likeminded environmental stakeholders. Through RPAS Aust, they can leverage our services to developing winning data rich proposals, strategies and assessments. These projects may be single assessments or ongoing Monitoring, Evaluations and Reporting (MER) projects.

Environmental Impact Studies

Coastal Management Areas

  • Assessment for land change of purpose

  • Quarry and mine proposals

  • High intensity farming practices

  • Forestry

  • Rehabilitation

  • Traffic

  • Wind & Solar farm proposals

  • Waste & pollution management

  • Soils erosion management, water course analysis

  • Geological Assessment


  • Estuarine & Coastal Processes

  • Coastal Sediment budget

  • Coastal Geomorphology & engineering

  • Coastal hazard & risk assessment

  • Coastal wetland & littoral forests

  • Cliff & slope stability

  • Seawall and levees modeling

  • Entrance management

  • Foreshore erosion, deposition and reclamation

  • Acidification

Deliverables options:

  • Longitudinal aerial survey monitoring - eg Work As Executed (WAE)

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM - includes veg, buildings) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM - ground)

  • Contour creation

  • Georectified orthomosaic imagery

  • Nidar & oblique stills and video - visual communication to stakeholders

  • Ground truthed photos and video

  • Film Production - documentary, promotional, interviews, consultation meetings

  • Cut and Fill calculations for earth works, sediment cells

  • Planning of infrastructure, corridors and rights of way, fence line, measurements of area, perimeters and other quantity based costing.

  • Catchment forecasting, Gradient calculations.

  • Line of sight and radio transmission signal calculating for remote sensing equipment or visual pollution.

  • GIS, CAD and Google Earth compatible files to any required Coordinate Reference System

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