RPAS or UAV's have become the 'go to' method for mine site survey mapping, planning and monitoring. 

With our drones / UAV's, RPAS can deliver an Aerial mapping photogrammetry data suite the next day. Manned flights often take weeks of scheduling and often longer to get the information back. We get the data to you fast so you can make qualified decision fast and with confidence.

Mine planners can utilise our deliverables to produce accurate breaklines, traffic management plans and optimise extraction programs.

Managers will find endless uses cases for visually communicating the site to employees, blast crews and contractors.

Why not 'play' with this demo site

 The deliverables and use cases include:

  • DTM's , DEM's
  • Survey grade Georectified orthographic imagery at resolutions averaging 5cm per pixel! - a credit card. GCP Accuracy Report
  • Contour lines, gradients, areas calcs & Triangle mesh (3d Dxf files)
  • Volumetric calculations of stockpiles, cut and fill requirements
  • Site lines & radio transmission.
  • Vegetation rehabilitation assessment and auditing (using Near Infrared NIR NDVI) - not a standard deliverable
  • 3D models and fly-through animations
 When you need to get a handle on what resources you have

When you need to get a handle on what resources you have