Mere mortals rarely glimps the 4th Dimension - Time. When we see this dimension distorted from the norm either by speeding up or slowing down, we can experience a new perspective, a new understanding of the space we thought we knew.

Timelapse video does just this. The world as we thought we knew it warps around us and we can take a moment to see the 'flow' of nature and our interactions with it. The timelapse perspective can explain our nature, allow us to analyse it and if nothing else, we can watch in wonder.

Timelapse has Entertainment value, Commercial value and Environmental value. Furthermore, when these overlap it leads to compelling, enduring viewing. Time-lapse photography has an uncanny way of holding a viewers attention longer than a normal  image of the same scene, important if you have a message for your audience.

What's you message? To educate, sell or persuade, amaze and entertain?