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RPAS Australia Pty Ltd is a CASA Certified Operator: UOC#0200

Q: How accurate is the survey data?



Q: How quick can we get theresults?


A: For aerial surveys there are two aspects of accuracy; positional or GPS accuracy and image clarity (resolution). RPAS Australia uses Propeller Aerobotics patent-pending Ground Control Point (GCP) technology called 'AeroPoints'. These eliminate the need for a surveyor team yet provide equivalent RTK positional accuracy. Check out the Ground Control Report (GCP). Image quality is the product of many factors however on average, we provide 3-5cm per pixel. That is, one pixel on your computer represents 3-5cm on the ground.

A: The image processing computer system can generally output the results (ortho's, DSM and point cloud) over night. More specialised work such as the 3D models may take a little longer as well as any custom GIS work you may have specified. So basically, rather than waiting weeks and in some cases months, you can have important decision-making data when you really need it- the next day! 

A: Depending upon the size of the site and the outputs required, you should have access to the outputs later that day or the next. For filming and photography the detail in the 'brief' will determine the turn-around time.

Q: Can you do really big areas?

A: 'Big' is a relative term. The mapping RPA can do really nice orthographs up to 7 km2 . 

The main constraint is that the RPA must be within Visual Line Of Sight VLOS. A small RPA  becomes a speck at 1km.

We can certainly organise flights of larger areas for you via our association with other service providers.

Q: How does 'weather' effect the RPA?

A: The RPA/UAV prefers winds less than 18knts or 33 km/h. In these winds the time taken for flights to complete becomes extended and image quality can deteriorate due to blurring. That said, overcast dull days often provide the best images due to the lower contrast or absence of shadows. Normally this would be difficult for a conventional plane as they would often be in the cloud.

Q: What about insurance?

A: RPAS Australia has specific UAV Third Party Public Liability insurance with QBE. QBE are the leaders in aviation insurance in Australia. Normal 'Business insurance' will not stand up in court if a UAV is involved so ask to see the operators "Aviation insurance". Only CASA Certified operators can access this aviation insurance.