Tuffwing Mapper belly skid


Tuffwing Mapper belly skid


The belly skid is a sacrificial protective layer. It helps increase the longevity of your airframe.

Coroflute is a great base product but it does dent and 'pick'. The belly skid is made from 0.75mm PETG plastic. It is attached with velcro so no modification need to be done to your aircraft. It adds another layer between the rocks and your batteries etc.

Total weight including velcro: 49grams

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  1. Leave the second part of the velcro (body piece) velcro'ed to the skid part.
  2. clean the belly with Methylated spirits and dry.
  3. Peels the adhesive backing off.
  4. Start be hooking the nose on 1st and lower ther rear of the skid, lining up as you go.
  5. Press tabs firmly,
  6. Leave to bond for an hour...that is don't play with removing the skid ;)
  7. Done!!