First eBee skids have headed to Western Australia

This week four skids made their own flight (Australia Post) to Western Australia. All went to Arvista, arguably the first UAV operator in Australia to use the Sensefly ebee. With four in the fleet, Arvista certainly give their fleet a work out daily in one of the harshest terrains on the planet with some of the oldest and hardest rocks found on the earths surface.

The PETG 0.5mm thick plastic vacuum formed skids are tougher than the original (0.3mm) polyester ones and curl up the nose of the craft and into the camera bay. This means better protection and less plastic edges snagging on landing.

The only downside is that PETG comes in clear not black like the original, but hey! At AU$35 (+GST & PH) that's forgivable compared to the AU$150 original plastic trim.

Let us help you protect your investment.

We also do the Skywalker 1680 & Skywalker X8