Gloucester Shire Council

This week saw us performing a number of aerial mapping missions in the Gloucester NSW countryside for the council. Simply beautiful rolling hills and tons of great little water crossings. The primary purpose was to create 3D models of each roadside quarry for the drafting of mine plans. These mine plans will provide a safe and efficient utilisation of the resources.

But the results from using RPAS Australia UAV mapping does not stop there. The quarry managers will have access to numerous survey accurate measuring tools in their hands where ever and whenever they like provided they have an internet connection. That's because the geospatial data is in the cloud not stuck on a desk back in the office. So now instead of running a tape out on the dusty or muddy ground they can run a mouse from rock to rock (high res imagery), calculate volumes, turning circles, see contours and so on.

What RPAS Australia offers to councils is fast, cheap, accurate and best of all easy for the person in the ute to use.